Sunday, July 29, 2007


Finally, real, tangible progress has been made in the packing venture. By how much I'm complaining about it, you'd think we live in a mansion. I think the packing would be easier if we did live in one. The reason it's so annoying is because our apartment is so small. In order to accommodate all of the boxes I'm packing, I've had to resort to playing a not-so-fun game of Tetris with heavy boxes. I think I've finally worked out a system that works for me. The entire living room (which also serves as dining room, office, media room, dachshund play area, and library) has been completely and totally packed. Done.

Now I need to move on to (the rest) of the kitchen. It shouldn't be too hard. I'm making Beloved pack the bedroom because I hate folding clothes. It's usually her domain anyways -- I usually clean living room/kitchen while she cleans bedroom/bathroom.

I cannot blame my lack of progress up until now completely on our tiny apartment. We have also had numerous invitations from friends and family to go out. Thursday was dinner with Beloved's old co-workers, then girls' (very late) night out. Friday was Beloved's going away party (also another very late night.) Yesterday was the first day I declined all invitations, hunkered down and just worked on packing --- but I was invited to the parents' house (they told me they were lounging by the pool.) Today we begin the social life again. Having coffee with a former doula client of mine and her beautiful son at 12. Then this evening, we're going to have dinner with another friend.

Tomorrow is the day. The movers will be here around 9am to start toting our things away. Then we settle in for a long day of cleaning. I think we're rounding out the day with dinner at my parents' house. We'll see how that all plays out.

And for the record, my dogs are driving me nuts. They love to be near you, at all times. Last night I was sorting papers and Graisen just jumped right on top of the work I was doing. They also like to go behind me and mess up things I've just cleaned or put away (read: freshly folded laundry is their favorite thing to mess up.) Currently, they're chasing one another -- barking, growling, and snarling. God, I hope my new neighbors like the sound of two crazy wiener dogs early in the morning.

Friday, July 27, 2007

Stupid bureaucracy

The packing is coming along, slowly but surely. I'm getting tired of looking at everything being everywhere.

We got some really aggravating news today. We've been planning this move since January when I found out I had been accepted to Emory's program. Beloved had notified her job soon thereafter so the necessary steps could be taken to have her transfer complete by this month. She has been maintaining close contact with the people in her HR department to make sure everything has been taken care of. Her HR rep had assured Beloved and her supervisor that the transfer was finalized and there were no problems whatsoever. So today Beloved signed all the official stuff for salary, etc. However, when Beloved called the new HR department to get specifics of where/when she needed to be on her first day, they stated they hadn't received her paperwork. They went on to say that the earliest day Beloved could start would be three weeks later than the date we had been planning on. Her HR department offered her one of three options:

1.) Take the time off without pay
2.) Exhaust her sick/vacation time
3.) Stay and work 2+ weeks here

This is a big problem. First of all, HR rep here blatantly lied to Beloved on more than one occasion about the status of her transfer. Additionally, Beloved's supervisor also had been keeping tabs on the transfer and was lied to as well when he inquired about it. Secondly, HR rep here did not send Beloved's paperwork. She just didn't send it. Why? Because it's too difficult to actually do your job competently? And now we're faced with either having absolutely no money (I don't receive any of my school money until the end of August) or use every last bit of Beloved's leave. In either case, I don't think these are fair options. Moreover, I'm angry that Beloved and I will be punished for this idiot's carelessness.

At this point, I know we're definitely leaving on Tuesday. I know she will not be staying to work here. Whether or not we'll get any money remains to be seen. What would you do?

Wednesday, July 25, 2007


...Is a hot cup of coffee, enjoyed in bed with my two dogs snuggled up around me. It can't get much better than this.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007


We have exactly 7 days left until we leave for Atlanta. Yesterday I had my thorough school physical. As if a pelvic exam wasn't bad enough, I got 3 shots, blood drawn, finger pricked, and a TB test (injected under the skin.) Each arm has at least three new holes! Good thing I'm not afraid of needles.

I still haven't made any *real* progress on the apartment or packing. Beloved decided to stay home from work today to help get us packed. I think we're calling in the reinforcements later on as well. With everyone's help, we make actually get somewhere.

In other news, I took Emmie to the vet yesterday for her last distemper-parvo shot. She's almost 4 months old now and I'm quite meticulous when it comes to her health care. So imagine my surprise when I brought her in yesterday for her distemper shot *only* and the vet tech brings her back to me and says, "We gave her the distemper shot. Oh, and we also gave her the rabies shot, since it was due." WTF?! First of all, dachshunds are prone to getting immunization reactions. It is more common when you give the dog more than one vaccination at a time. For this reason, we have intentionally split up all of our dogs' vaccinations. I specifically indicated that she was to be getting her distemper shot only -- that was the only vaccine that the receptionist wrote to administer. Secondly, I was not asked if it was alright for them to administer the rabies vaccination. Although she was due for the vaccination (on Wednesday, officially), I was planning a separate trip for her to get the shot, so as to minimize the chance of a reaction. Lastly, what if I only had enough money to pay for the distemper shot? Needless to say, I'm incredibly angry about their blatant disregard for my dog. Any ideas about what I should do? We're leaving in one week and that was the last vet visit with them.

So after all of the vet drama and my physical, we decided to take it easy for the rest of the day. Beloved took me to see the new movie, "I now pronounce you Chuck & Larry." In true Adam Sandler form, it was hilarious. I feared that the movie might be stereotypical and/or offensive but I was happy to see they took a very pro-gay stance. And while I don't agree with the premise of the movie, two straight men trying to become domestic partners in order to "cheat" the system, I do think it brought awareness about the daily struggles gay people are subjected to simply because of who they love. All in all, I'd recommend the movie.

I must run because the two wiener dogs want to go outside. And perhaps I should get to work on packing. ((sigh)) I hate moving.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Mixed Emotions

It has been a tumultuous six months. I have been completely caught up in the process, not quite realizing the end-result of all my hard work. I'm actually leaving my closest friends, my hometown, and (most significantly) my family in about a week. This revelation hit me hard last night as I put the twins to bed for the last time. I kissed each of them goodnight and turned off the light. It's humbling to think I will be little more than a faint memory to these girls who I've nurtured and loved for the past two years. But I am comforted by the wonderful job I have done. They are beautiful, smart and strong. However small my contribution, I did help them in that way.

But now I'm struck by how emotional I've become. If it was this hard for me to leave the twins for the last time, how will I do when I say goodbye to my family? I hope it's easier because I am planning on seeing them just two weeks after we move. But this birthday will mark the first one spent away from my family. Growing up is hard to do.

On the other side of the spectrum, I anxiously await moving into our new apartment. I want to learn everything about the new area. So far I've:

1.) Found the closest farmer's market. Mapquested said market to see how close it is to our new apartment.
2.) Researched a new vet. Also mapquested it. It's not far at all.
3.) Looked up the DMV - sort of.
4.) Scheduled to have our cable/internet/telephone installed
5.) Created a bike route from new apartment to school.
6.) Looked up bike shops in the local area.
7.) Visited the public transit site numerous times to find out if I can bring the dogs on the trains/buses (no luck...I'm going to have to call.)
8.) Picked out my wish list at IKEA.
9.) Found at least 3-5 dog parks. As well as local dachshund groups and dog activities.

My beloved and I have decided that we are going to spend the first few weeks riding the public transit as much as possible in order to learn our way around. There's so much tourist-y stuff we'd like to do before school starts anyway. Beloved has to ride the subway to get to work. I have the added benefit of already knowing the route. (I used the public transit when I flew into Atlanta for one day for my interview at Emory -- and that makes me an expert. HA!)

I still have a lot to get done. I've been putting off getting everything packed. Hopefully, the procrastination won't continue as I have all of next week free. Beloved is working right up until we leave, so I will be doing the majority of the packing. I can't imagine trying to move with children. I have two dogs and that's enough for me.


After stalking quite a bit I've finally decided to start my own blog. I'm about to embark on one of the biggest journeys of my life. In about a week or so, I will be packing my bags and we will be trekking down to Atlanta to begin my nursing program at Emory. I will be far from family and friends, but I am looking forward to doing what I absolutely love.

So here's a little bit about me. I'm 22 (almost 23...) and in a relationship with a wonderful woman. We've been together for about 2 and a half years now. She will be working in Atlanta when we make the big move. I love children. Working with pregnant moms and babies is the only way I can curb my serious desire to have children. For the past two years, I've been a nanny for twin girls -- since they were about 4 months old. The maternal pull is intense, however I know it's best to wait until I'm settled with an awesome job, house, and income before starting a family. I'm also a wonderful mom to my two dachshunds -- Graisen & Emmie.

I'm also a doula in training from DONA. I've attended one birth officially. I hope to get the remainder of my certifying births in while in school. I love helping moms-to-be have rewarding and fulfilling births. Moreover, I love to be included as I am a complete and total birth junkie.

I already have a BA in Women's Studies and am passionate about women's health issues. I believe working in women's health is truly my calling. If you like what you read, please don't hesitate to leave me a comment. I've been really enjoying reading blogs about midwives, doulas, and lesbian parenting.