Wednesday, September 23, 2009

T minus 3 hrs 15 mins

...until my very first official pelvic exam. I'm sort of nervous but not-so-much as my classmates who have already gone before say it's not a big deal. The big nurse-midwifery test was yesterday and I did pretty well. Although we did have some random ass questions that weren't very good. I think they may throw them out so my grade will be boosted a little more. Current lecture topic is breast health. Next up...sexual health. Followed by my female gyn check off.

I'm taking an extra elective class which is driving me nuts. The format and content isn't really fun for me. Plus it keeps me on campus an extra 16 hrs for the next couple weeks. I heard through the grapevine that we are getting our clinical assignments next week. Then we're off to clinical doing all sorts of well-women care., including pelvics, paps, prenatals. I'm super excited. I hope my site is appropriate for me.

Still haven't called the clinic director yet. I've been putting it off because I've been enjoying my minimal time off. Fall break is fast-approaching and I will be heading home to spend some time with the family for a few days. Gonna go back to paying attention....

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Back in action

So blogosphere...I am back. A lot has been going on with life and school -- so let me hit the highlights. I finished the BSN portion of my program, passed my NCLEX, and now am working on the *uber fun* MSN portion. I had been working pretty regularly but decided to leave my job to focus more on school. I will (hopefully) get another job at a women's clinic in the area where my friend works. Unfortunately, the hiring manager is very bad at following up with people so it will probably involve me hounding her.

Classes this semester are: Advanced Pathophysiology, Theory & Research, Nurse-midwifery I, and Advanced Health Assessment. I also added an elective -- Teaching Institute. I've been in school for about three weeks now and have been quite busy. In fact, my very first pelvic exam will happen this Wednesday with a professional medical model. My first test is Tues in NMW, so I've been studying/reading/reviewing for that. We've covered STIs, Family Planning, BV, normal pregnancy database, and maternal physiological adaptations to pregnancy. Sounds like a lot, but most of it is review. No clinical yet; they start sometime in October with just office hours. Next semester is when we begin to take call and catch babies. So stay tuned.

And although, I've been gone for awhile, I do still read all of my favorite blogs. In fact, a lot of information gleaned from my blog-reading is shared with my classmates and professors. Most recently, I showed everyone the Beautiful Cervix Project . It's awesome because we're learning about what healthy cervices look like as well as the influence of hormones on the cervix. is good. All is well. I'm so excited I'm all the closer to catching my first baby.