Saturday, January 24, 2009

25 Things about Me

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  1. Coffee is my ultimate love.  It is the first thing I want in the morning -- the one thing I need to get my day started.  Please don't ask me to make any major decisions without first having my morning cup 'o joe.  I even purchased a brand new coffee maker for my parent's house because I snobbily disapproved of theirs.  
  2. I'm kind of a nerdy geek.  I like technology, the internet, new gadgets, and marching band.  I think nerdy is cool.  
  3. Despite my nurturing spirit, I can kill almost any plant that comes into my life.  
  4. I want to be a midwife more than anything.  It's my calling.  Seeing a baby come into this world is by far the most amazing thing I have ever seen.  Ever.   It warms my heart when my friends say they want me as their midwife when they have babies.
  5. I'm Native American -- NC Cherokee to be specific.  
  6. My family, especially my father, are my heart and soul.  I would do anything for them.   It sucks being so far away.  I'm the oldest of 9 children.  Amazingly, I can remember everyone's names!  Mostly, we all look like my dad.  
  7. I was a nanny for like 6 years before coming to Atlanta.  My favorite was nannying for twin girls.  I still stay in contact with their momma.  They're four this May.  
  8. I've only quit one job.  Ever.  It was a horrible job that has scarred me for life.  
  9. Sometimes, I boycott shaving, especially in the winter.  It takes up too much of my time.  
  10. My Fuji Crosstown 2.0 in burgundy is my primary mode of transportation.  I have a rack, an Ortlieb waterproof pannier, and (new) black fenders.  I hope to add new bell soon.  
  11. I can be super mean when you're trying to wake me up.  I say things I don't remember and will tell major lies in order to stay in bed.  Not sure how this is going to work when I'm on call-shifts. 
  12. I want lots of kids.  Circa 5 or more.  And I want to have my babies at home. 
  13. I don't really like to put my clothes away.  If it weren't for Beloved, I'd have my clothes decorating every surface of my apartment.  
  14. I graduated with a BA in Women's Studies in 2007.  My diploma still isn't framed.  
  15. I don't really like cartoon-themed scrubs.  I have sworn to myself that I will not wear them.  
  16. My DivaCup is freakin' awesome.  If you have any questions, please ask.  
  17. Aside from my eyes, I'd say my breasts are one of my best features.  People who don't know my name at school have aptly settled on the girl "with the boobs."     
  18. I used to smoke.  I quit almost 4 years ago when I started dating Beloved.  I'm so glad it happened before nursing school.  
  19. I like the L Word.  Even better than the show is the Planet Podcast with KC & Elka.  They are so funny.  
  20. I like artists.  My two most serious relationships have been with a painter & a musician.
  21. I had two monologues in my university's production of The Vagina Monologues.  My father and entire family attended.  I had the see-you-next-Tuesday monologue.  
  22.  My baby brother is 7 years old.  He was born when I was a senior in high school.  He and I are super close.  I was the only one who could put him down to sleep until age 2.  He's still spoiled.  People used to mistake him for my son.  
  23. I am friends with all of my exes.  Pretty standard in the lesbian community.  
  24. I'm addicted to Pandora & PandoraJam.  
  25. A quote from Peggy Vincent's Baby Catcher, "Seeing a white dove fly free from a wizard's cupped hands paled in comparison to watching a glistening baby with pink fingernails and wet eyelashes appear from inside a woman's body.  It wasn't magic.  It was real.  In that moment, I knew I wanted to spend my life caring for women having babies."   
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Thursday, January 22, 2009

It's been awhile

I know I've been a terrible blogger of late but much has been going on in my personal life thus forcing me into survival mode these past few months.  Last semester was my Med/Surg clinical.  In the midst of that, my father had a terrible freak accident, I missed weeks of class, went home on several unplanned trips, and barely made it through the semester -- emotionally, physically, academically or otherwise.  His health is just starting to come around again, but I bounced back much slower than anticipated.  During all of this, my car died so I donated it to charity.  As a result, my bike and I have been spending a lot of time together.  I've just started my last semester before becoming a RN (real nurse -- lol).  This semester should be fairly easy and quiet since I completed my community health course last summer.  Right now I'm sick with the flu (type A -- to be specific) despite getting the vaccine.  And that brings us up to speed.  

I'm currently doing my role transition (senior practicum) in Labor & Delivery at my hospital where I work.  I've only had one day on the floor so far and I really enjoyed myself.  My preceptor seems interested in teaching me, so that's always a plus.  And I am working in a familiar setting where I have a locker, know people, and in general feel quite comfortable.  I had hoped to "try on" this unit to see if I wanted to work there after I pass my NCLEX.  Unfortunately, they don't let you do part-time in L&D so I may just end up working in Mother/Baby.  As long as I have a job, then I will be happy.  I'm ironing out the details but should have a position secured shortly.  It's nice to know you'll have somewhere to go once you're done with school.  I'm not interested in working on a Med/Surg floor at all.  

In reflecting on my experience on the L&D floor, it's much better than my prior maternity rotation at the university-affiliated hospital.  Did I mention that student midwives from our university do not have privileges at the university hospitals?  How ludicrous is that?  Our students come to my hospital or another public institution for their training.  Can you imagine the med students not being able to practice in our university hospitals?  There would be an outrage.  This is one area that really angers me about my program.  Needless to say, the lack of midwifery care at the university hospital is apparent.  In my practicum, I have already worked with a couple midwives.  I always ask them where they went to school -- last week I had someone from Georgetown and before that someone from my program.  

Beloved and I are doing well.  Her father is helping me to find another car to purchase.  I'm thinking about the Honda Fit because I think it's super cute.  I want something small and practical.  Hondas seem to last forever -- my very first car was a Honda.  I'm ready for something practical.  

Despite my silence, I have still been keeping up with my favorite blogs.  I'm sure I will be back to posting regularly now.