Friday, March 5, 2010

No babies today

So today was decidedly quiet. Not a whole lot going on. No one in labor...only a few triage patients. And let me say that I love it when what a pt says is going on is nowhere near what's actually going on. For example, we had a near-term pt who was breech who said she felt a bulge in her vagina. We all were on high alert (is it a BBOW? SROM? Toes?) when we found out she was coming in. There was absolutely nothing in her vagina/labia/perineum so we sent her on her way. Imaginary perineal bulges? Restless perineal syndrome? After absolutely nothing going on, Midwife H lets me go home. No sooner than I'm 10 minutes from my house, MH calls me back and tells me a multip has just come in 5cms. I make the decision to head back but she calls back in 10 more minutes saying she's complete & pushing. So no babies for me! But...I did scrub a CS where our doc pulled out an ovary the size of a tangerine -- covered in cysts, including a dermoid cyst with (what felt like) a tooth inside of it. Pretty interesting.

B came in last night for the evening. She's flying out West for the weekend and just flew thru. I loved seeing her but was sad it was only for less than 8 hours. We didn't get much sleep -- late night and an early morning. This long distance business is no joke. But I really love being with her -- so it doesn't bother me. She'll be back again for a layover on Monday, then I'm flying down -- err her for the weekend on Friday. Next week is Spring Break and I'm not "breaking" too much. I'll be in the hospital Tues & Thursday; office on Wednesday. I'm flying to her, then we're driving to VA so I'll get to see my family. Yay!

Pictured above --- sutures & hand ties!! (They're expired of course.) I've also been practicing my hand ties because no one does instrument ties when suturing. I'm finally starting to get it. Thank goodness. It really seemed like a weak spot for me. So hopefully I'll get to try it out tomorrow.

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